29 November 2011

this twitter thing.

lately people have been so hung up on twitter that they forget their real life, they focus more on their virtual life more than do their own. Most teens probably have a twitter account and i bet you do too. But there are limits to social networking, social networks are made to connect everyone from all over the world with each other with a click of a button but society has misused the internet and turned social networking into well, social bullying. That's just one part of the problem, a lot of people think they have the fucking right to invade someone's privacy just because they put themselves on the internet. Still doesn't give you the fucking right though, just because you think you're cooler than others doesn't mean you can talk shit about them and tell the whole world. Yeah sure you have hundreds if not thousands of followers reading your every line, 

"just because something needs to be told doesn’t always mean it needs to be heard."

 You telling everyone that 'this cunt is a bitch' doesn't make you any less of a person than him/her. If you start talking shit about people, you better damn expect people to talk shit about you too. It's just karma. What goes around, comes around. Another thing, your followers aren't everything you know. Don't act as if losing a follower is like losing a limb. That person has a right to unfollow you if they want to, it's their own fucking decision. You can't force a person to follow you! It's like forcing them to eat manure if they want chocolate cake. That was a tad bit disgusting but you get the point. I mean come on, people complain on and on about people spamming your timeline but you just post an indirect tweet because you don't have the balls to take action. If you don't like it, UNFOLLOW THE DAMN PERSON! Ain't that easy? It's just one click away from complete timeline serenity... But then again, this is twitter, the whole purpose of if is for people to update on what they're doing and some other shit, so you gotta expect people to spam your timeline of their daily doings. Honestly, to me what annoys me the most is not the spamming, but the content of their tweet; sappy love tweets about your boyfriend/girlfriend 24/7, trash talking 24/7, boast about your wealth on your twitter and posting pictures like it's a fucking catalog, talking shit about the opposing team on match night, tweets that is pretty obvious you want people to retweet etc.. Same goes for facebook, if you don't like it that some bitch is spamming your news feed with pictures of her in various poses, just unsubscribe from them! SIMPLE. If you hate all this spamming stuff, shut the computer/mobile phone/iPad/some other techy gadget and go eat a bowl of cereal.


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