22 November 2011


you know what I hate the most? thieves. I don't care what you steal, whether it's someone's wallet, some pocket change, a pen, or even someone's life. I don't care if you're that desperate or that poor, I was in a rough patch once and I didn't steal some other person's belongings. I'm guessing some of you know that I lost my phone recently while I was sitting for my Pendidikan Islam exam. What an awful time to steal, right after you've studied about 'Dosa-dosa besar' and 'Iman Mutiara Hidup', a person would be ignorant enough to do such a thing. Even though that person is rich as fuck, it still doesn't give you the fucking right to take from another person. Even in love, you can't just steal another person's heart, you have to earn love. I guess the world is even more fucked up than it seems to be. I'm just hoping there are still decent people left on this god forsaken planet.

a disappointed human being.

p/s: to the person who stole it; I hope you fail your spm

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