04 March 2012

We The Kings + We Are The In Crowd live in Kuala Lumpur!

Yup! The rumours are true! We The Kings AND We Are The In Crowd are coming to Malaysia this coming May for a live concert featuring both bands, We The Kings are headlining for now. The ticketing details and venue will be announced soon so be patient and it will soon come to you :)
So, tell your friends, your family or anyone who is a fan! This is an event no concert/music lover would want to miss! There are gonna be a few other acts which are local and will soon be announced as well. Just hold your horses! Save up your money, don't worry it won't be that expensive haha
The concert is organised by our very own Talent Harvest, don't forget to like their facebook page for updates on the concert. Also, if you follow me on twitter I'll be posting some updates too! Share the poster around, post it wherever you want, give em to your friends in the media if you know some. That is all for now! Keep an eye on their facebook & twitter. If you have anything to ask, kindly tweet me or ask on the comment box :)


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