19 January 2012

Concerts! Concerts! and more concerts!

2012 is starting off with a bang. Lots of concerts announced early this year and it's only January! So far a a few bands have performed such as Simple Plan and Foster The People. But there's more to come!

The most anticipated Rockaway Festival 2012 is coming soon and acts are yet to be announced, they've brought us a banging show last year with international acts like Story Of The Year, All Time Low and my all time favourite The Used. This year will be nonetheless a rocking one I predict. Rumours are swirling the internet about the acts that are going to play at this year's Rockaway, bands like Taking Back Sunday, D.R.U.G.S and many others are rumoured to be a part of the line up. Whoever they're bringing, I'm super stoked about it!

Another awesome music festival about to hit Malaysia is the Future Music Festival hailing from Australia, Malaysia was lucky enough to be chosen to represent Asia for Future Music Festival. Artists like Gym Class Heroes, Chemical Brothers and Cosmic Gate are expected to perform in Sepang along with other artists which are not yet confirmed (they better be good or I'll have to cut a bitch). My friends and I are self proclaimed concert junkies, which means we love to go to concerts and enjoy the music and company we have. If we have the money and time, we'll most probably go to a certain concert haha. However the annoying crowd may get on our nerves a time or two. Mostly the annoying fangirls who are just there because of the 'cute band member' of their 'favourite band' LOL so far here are the people that are coming down to Malaysia to perform; Jessie J, Sum 41, Dashboard Confessional, Gym Class Heroes, Chemical Brothers, Underoath, and if there's more I'll update. Oh and I'm super duper extremely excited for St. Jeromes Laneway Festival which is in Singapore, the main reason I'm excited is because I get to see Feist YEE HA! So if you see me around at a concert, don't be shy to say hi ^_^

xo, syaza
too lazy to write more LOL

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