13 December 2011

One Night Only

                On 10th December, I was offered a last minute job to interview One Night Only. I've been a fan of One Night Only for quite a while now. Weird enough, before I knew they were coming to Malaysia I was strangely addicted to their songs and listened to them almost everyday. Then about 2 or 3 weeks ago my sister told me they were coming to Malaysia, I thought it was fake because the poster looked very cheap as if it was made by an amateur graphics designer. To be honest I think I could've done better with the poster LOL. But turns out it wasn't fake at all, on their website it stated that they were scheduled to perform in Malaysia on the 11th for free at the Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena, same place that MGMT performed. They also held a free autograph session, this was all indeed awesome. Probably one of the most random things to happen, the other weird thing was that they were gonna perform with Tomok out of all people. That was probably why I thought it was fake. Oops. Turns out they were doing some shit for Coke. So on the day of the autograph signing, early in the morning I was checking out my twitter and a guy offered me to interview the band because he was apparently busy and had to skip the interview. I jumped the opportunity and took it. It was my first ever job and I got to interview One Night Only, how freaking awesome is that right?! I brought my sister along with me for some back up which I clearly needed. When we were interviewing them I went completely blur, words kept coming out of my mouth that I didn't want to say. It was like word vomit. The boys were oh so very nice (and so tall I felt like a midget). Mark, the guitarist did most of the talking along with Dan. The other members were a little quite, especially Jack. I think Mark did a little eye flirting with me at some parts LOL (I'm serious). Jim wore a silk shirt that reminded me a lot of Pink Floyd. After the interview we took pictures and had a little chat with their manager who seemed very intrigued with my sister's Instax camera. 

                 After the interview we went straight to The Curve to have lunch and meet up with our friends. The cab from One Utama to The Curve was fucking RM12 RM12 RM12 RM12 RM12!!!!! WTF right? Mahal gila babi ok. Anyways, we met up with our friends Huixian, Emily, Lily and their other friends. There wasn't that many people there, probably because we came very early at around 11am. People started showing up at around 1.40pm as the autograph session was at 2pm. My guess is there was about 50 people there for the autograph session, some of us got personal pictures with the band which was suh-weet! Met them for the second time that day and they remembered us from the interview session. Even the manager remembered us. After that we went to get their autographs, our friends went crazy because they got to hug the almighty English sex god, George Craig. The first person to give me their signature was Dan. Dan oh Dan, such a sexy lad. And the fact that he was a bass player added to his sexiness (I have a slight thing for bass players). Huixian went all giddy and gushed so hard when she was talking to George. In her words "she got lost in his eyes" LOL. After the session was over, my friend Huixian couldn't stop talking about how gorgeous George was and how she loved his big blue eyes. All the while I was excited that we were finally gonna watch New Years Eve! One of the reasons I was excited was because Zac Efron was in the movie. I freaking love that man. He's such a good actor, and such a fine piece of ass :p The movie was okay. It was kind of boring until they showed the bloopers which made the movie a lot funnier.

                 The next day was the day of the concert, I had a wedding to attend so I couldn't come early to the venue with the others. The security team for the event were some familiar faces as we've met them at previous concerts we attended. Outside of the arena they had some sort of carnival where they sold food and shit. While Huixian and I went to scavenge for food, some guy was talking on the microphone and saw Huixian and asked her if she wanted to buy apam. Huixian had no idea what an apam was and they guy just want and said in the microphone out loud "Dik, meh sini ada jual apam! Do you know what an apam is? this is what we call apam". Funny shit right there. Emily and Lily were constantly being harassed by a group of rempits who kept saying hi to them. I was used to that shit but they weren't, and we told them about rempits and their annoying habits. When the gates opened there weren't many people in the arena. It was only about 2 lines and everyone was sitting down. Then they started giving out free coke, they need to do this more at concerts. A bunch of acts started to perform, we barely know some of them but we kept our patience. After about 4 or 5 acts, ONO took the stage and performed Say You Don't Want It. We dance throughout the song and they boys saw our awesome dances. I started getting tweets from people saying they saw me on TV which was quite embarrassing. I don't really like being on TV. 

                  After that they performed Can You Feel It with that little cunt Tomok, they performed the commercial Malay version first then they performed the original version. We expected more songs, turns out they only played 2 songs which was quite depressing. One Night Only was actually Two Songs Only..... sob..... Right after they performed we went straight out to the back entrance and waited for them to leave. When they left in their van, they started waving at us but we couldn't see shit through the black glass. When they got closer we waved back and I had a little hand on glass moment with Dan. I felt a little magic there..... LOL just joking. After all that crazy, we went back home...... The End......

Will post full interview tomorrow!
xo, syaza

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