19 June 2011

was it a dream?

this morning I woke up with the weirdest yet very cool dream, I dreamt I had met Tomo, Shannon, and Tim from 30 Seconds To Mars. The dream started out abruptly with me standing at the front row of their concert, leaning towards the steel barricade separating me & the stage. Then out of the blue the band went out and the first to come out was Jared but I had no such contact with him except for a picture we took together. Then Tomo, Shannon & Tim came out, they ended up playing Kings & Queens and I find myself jumping up & down aggressively as if I was on some sort of drug. After they had finished playing that song they stopped for a break. It was weird because they stopped just like that, then Tomo came to me and talked to me. A few minutes after that Shannon & Tim came and joined in the conversation. I ended up taking pictures with the three of them and Tomo gave me his Setlist because there was something wrong with it. Then he got hungry so he ordered a plate of Chicken Chop which he shared with me. I ate all his french fries....... because I like french fries.........
The dream gets weirder as I exit out the door to my left into a Super Market like room. I immediately went to the cheese section and got me some gouda then I woke up.

told you it was weird.
it would be very cool if it really did happened though LOL

until the next dream,

₪ ΓΈ lll·o.

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