21 May 2011

it takes 30 seconds to get to mars

so the rumours are true. 30 Seconds To Mars is indeed coming to Malaysia.
After seven years of waiting to see them live it's finally here. Just two more months until I see complete awesomeness. Words cannot express how excited I am. When I first found out about their confirmation I literally shouted and jumped all around while my friends were just staring at me, so did the other kids but I couldn't care less. When I got in the car I continued with my daily activity of listening to them and can you believe it... I actually cried listening to Kings & Queens. And this all happened partly because of this facebook page I made early last year requesting them to be brought here. after all those years of yearning and anticipation they're finally coming and I bet I'm gonna have the time of my life.

₪ ΓΈ lll·o.

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